At the University of Cape Town (UCT) we continue to launch different interventions to support our students’ learning journeys. The UCT Digital Bootcamp, an innovative pilot project as part of our Vision 2030, focuses on the digital economy and digital jobs.

No previous experience or skills required

The UCT Digital Bootcamp is a sponsored programme available to:

  • eligible UCT interrupted studies students, and
  • UCT graduates who have not been able to find a job since graduating three or more years ago.

In partnership with Umuzi and top corporates in South Africa, the UCT Digital Bootcamp will unleash the digital potential of 100 young people, enabling them to realise their dreams and contribute to the digital economy.

UCT Digital Bootcamp




Eligible young people can apply to this pilot programme to get the digital experience they need to either enter the corporate world or to become digitally savvy entrepreneurs.

Choose from a number of different learning pathways to land an in-demand digital job.

There is a growing need for digital skills and to have an edge in the digital economy especially for Africa. The UCT Digital Bootcamp will provide an opportunity for young people to augment their skills – even if their career goals were not necessarily aligned with information technology. We believe that no matter a student’s chosen programmes of study, the UCT Digital Bootcamp will prepare young people to work within the fourth industrial revolution and influence its impact in South Africa and beyond.

With this opportunity, we are giving a second chance to those whose dreams have proved difficult to achieve. The UCT Digital Bootcamp provides the possibility of a fresh start in a sector where jobs are in high demand.

Spaces are limited for the first cohort of this pilot programme, so we encourage eligible young people to apply as soon as possible. As we grow and build our community, we will be able to offer many more positions and learning pathways.

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To take up this opportunity, you will need to apply online.

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