It is important to note that first-year students are not allowed to bring cars onto campus. You would, however, be able to park at Rhodes Memorial if you have a parking disc. These are available from the traffic administration office on upper campus.

Campus is huge and Cape Town stretches all the way from Atlantis to Cape Point. Traffic in and around the city can be hectic and getting around takes time – especially if you need to get to one of UCT’s satellite facilities.

Ahead of your arrival, we are offering you a few ideas for mobility:

  • Once on campus, walking is the most practical and the easiest way to get around. Campus is also accessible and easy to navigate if you make use of a wheel chair or make use of the assistance of a guide dog/walking cane. Make sure that you have comfortable shoes to wear and get ready to climb loads of stairs. Walking alone, especially after dark, is never a good idea. But fortunately Campus Protection Services are there to assist.
  • Cycling is a good idea, if you have a bicycle, of course. There are designated cycle lanes on campus, and if you need to make your way into the city, you’ll find a few there too.
  • More wheels – you could hop onto your scooter or motorbike, if one of these is your means of transport, and make your way to campus. You would need to inquire about getting a parking disc from traffic admin on upper campus first, though.
  • UCT Shuttle – the shuttle service is free for UCT students and will transport you between campuses and other parts of the city seven days a week. Visit the UCT Shuttle web page for up-to-date route maps and timetables, or once you are registered, you could download the UCT Shuttle App.
UCT Shuttle
  • Call a cab – Cape Town has many cab services to choose from which are on call 24/7.
  • Take a taxi – minibus taxis operate on most major city routes and they’re cheap! Simply signal the direction you wish to take and you’ll be on your way in a jiffy.
  • It’s my city – the MyCiTi bus service is convenient and connects with the UCT Shuttle at a point on Buitenkant Street. It runs to several areas in and around Cape Town. Get your MyConnect card at MyCiTi station kiosks and participating retailers.
  • Train hopping – the Metrorail train stops at several railway stations that are convenient for various parts of campus. Trains are often delayed, so you would have to visit the Metrorailwebsite for updates and fares.
  • Board the bus – Golden Arrow Bus Services operate on many city routes and the buses are accessible from the UCT Shuttle stops in Claremont and Mowbray. Visit the Golden Arrow website for more information.
  • Uber rides – these have of course gained a lot of popularity in recent times and it is possible that you already have the app on your phone!
  • Although you are ultimately at all times primarily responsible for your own safety, it is important to remember that at UCT we also have the safety and security of all our students at heart.