UCT has close to 17 000 undergraduate students across six faculties. This constitutes 60% of its total enrolments. The other 40% is made of postgraduate students.

In the context of Vision 2030, the teaching and learning portfolio identified its massive transformative purpose:

To unleash students’ potential through education to be resilient agents of change for themselves and in society.

We do this by offering innovative curriculum at the cutting edge of disciplines and professions, facilitating students’ engagement with their own learning, offering socially engaged curriculum and top-end digitally enabled education at undergraduate, postgraduate and continuous education levels.

UCT aims to be distinctive by developing graduate attributes focused on the self, the community, and the world; supporting success and excellence (through student support, academic support, learning analytics, etc.); and providing problem-based education in authentic contexts where appropriate.

To achieve these goals:

  • UCT is committed to the professionalisation and valorisation of teaching and learning. We will enhance technical internal capabilities to support digitally enabled education.
  • We will provide flexible teaching spaces equipped to support 21st-century pedagogies.
  • We will develop staff and system capabilities to support student development.