UCT Inaugural Lecture series | Inaugural Lecture by Professor Jeff Murugan

The University of Cape Town
invites you to an inaugural lecture
by Professor Jeff Murugan

Topic: The Future is Quantum – a random walk in the landscape of mathematical physics.

The early 20th century brought with it a revolution that was as profound as the first Industrial Revolution; quantum mechanics demonstrated that the world at atomic scales was vastly different from what we experience everyday. It paved the way for a new understanding of the Universe, and most of the technological advances that have become integrated into our lives. Today, we lie at the precipice of a second quantum revolution that promises equally profound changes to human societies. I will describe how work at UCT fits into this new future.

Date: Wednesday, 19 April 2023
Time: 18:00 SAST
Venue: LS 2D, Leslie Social Science building, University Avenue South, Upper Campus

Professor Jeff Murugan

About our speaker

Jeff Murugan is Professor of Mathematical Physics in the Department of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics at the University of Cape Town. A former Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Science, he is also a Simons Associate at the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy and a member of the Academy of Science of South Africa. His research interests lie primarily in understanding emergent phenomena, from spacetime itself to the properties of quantum matter and information.
His most recent focus has been on low-dimensional quantum field theories, topological quantum matter and quantum chaos in disordered systems. He is a recipient of a Distinguished Teachers Award of the University of Cape Town.