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12 weeks


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The University of Cape Town (UCT) Advanced Project Management online short course is designed to elevate the skills of professionals in the evolving project-driven business landscape. This advanced project management course is tailored for those with existing project management experience and offers a deep dive into expert-level skills essential for addressing complex project considerations. The course stands out for not only reinforcing basic project management concepts but also extending knowledge into more advanced realms, ensuring students become invaluable assets to any employer.

Over 12 weeks, you’ll be guided by UCT’s esteemed faculty and industry experts, including a head tutor who serves as a mentor. This setup ensures you gain a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, crucial for understanding and managing intricate project tasks. The advanced project management course outline includes developing a comprehensive understanding of the project manager's role and acquiring strategic skills to align project management activities with an organisation's overarching goals.

A significant focus of this course is its strong practical component. You’ll create a fully developed project plan for a real-world project. This plan covers various critical aspects, such as scope definition, stakeholder integration, time management, project cost, risk management, and communication and procurement plans. This hands-on experience not only cements the learning but also highlights your competency as an advanced project manager.

Created for managers, entrepreneurs, event coordinators, project team members, and anyone responsible for implementing projects, this advanced project management online course is a stepping stone for professionals aiming to refine their project-based processes. It's particularly beneficial for those looking to tackle high-level, large-scale projects. For mid-level employees aspiring to climb the career ladder, the UCT Advanced Project Management online short course serves as an excellent opportunity to develop the expertise required to plan and implement complex projects, thus opening doors to advanced roles and responsibilities in various industries.




What you'll learn

Acquire valuable and relevant advanced project management skills, and walk away with:

  • The skills to identify, define, and propose comprehensive project plans for a range of suitable projects
  • The ability to evaluate project scope effectively and develop a detailed charter tailored for real-world scenarios
  • A robust project plan that includes defining stakeholder integration, cost, risk, and time-management strategies, as well as plans for project quality communication
  • Unlimited access to edX's Career Engagement Network, providing exclusive resources and events to support your professional development and enhance your career trajectory



ORIENTATION MODULE Welcome to your Online Campus
Meet and engage with your learning and peer networks as you navigate the Online Campus.

MODULE 1 Strategic project management
Learn the importance of strategically aligning project management to the overarching goal of an organisation.

MODULE 2 The project manager
Understand the role and the importance of the project manager in relation to the success of the project.

MODULE 3 The project management process
Learn more about the standardisation of practices and tools in project management.

MODULE 4 Managing project integration, stakeholders, and initiation
Explore the importance of Project Integration Management and Project Stakeholder Management in initiating a project.

MODULE 5 Managing project scope
Understand project scope management and begin the planning phase of your project.

MODULE 6 Managing project time
Gain an understanding of the importance of Project Time Management as it relates to project success.

MODULE 7 Managing project cost
Determine how to balance cost against the benefits received from spending money on the project.

MODULE 8 Managing project risk
Delve into project risk management, the most effective and possibly least understood project management tool.

MODULE 9 Managing project quality
View quality as an organisational initiative as well as a project management knowledge area.

MODULE 10 Managing project communications and procurement
Explore the two distinct but equally important areas of Project Communication Management and Project Procurement Management.

MODULE 11 Managing talent in projects
Leverage excellent human resources management to improve the success of your project.

MODULE 12 Project delivery and closure
Discover why project delivery or implementation is a vitally important component of planning.

FAQs: Careers in advanced project management

Advanced project management is the application of complex techniques and detailed knowledge to manage large-scale, intricate projects efficiently, often requiring a higher level of expertise and experience.


The duration of a project management course varies. It can range from a few weeks for short courses to several years for degree programmes. The UCT Advanced Project Management online short course is 12 weeks.