Professor Renee Kraan-Korteweg

Department of Astronomy, Faculty of Science

Prof Renée Christine Kraan-Korteweg is an expert in the area of large-scale distribution of galaxies, the Zone of Avoidance, systematic HI surveys, cosmic flow fields, and galaxy evolution, and internationally recognised for her work in unveiling the galaxy distribution hidden by the Milky Way. Currently a Senior Research Scholar and Emeritus Professor at UCT, she has played a leading role in the establishment and promotion of astronomy, first at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico and then at UCT. As Head of Astronomy at UCT, she was key in establishing an internationally recognised radio astronomy group which now leads many of the large survey projects that are pursued with MeerKAT. 

She served as Vice-President of the International Astronomical Union and, since 2019, as Science Committee member of the recently formed African Society of Astronomy. She received the Special Commemorative MeerKAT Award from the Minister of Science and Innovation and In 2021, as well as the African Network of Women in Astronomy Senior Award.