Mr Samuel Chetty

(PASS 7–13)

Samuel Chetty has been a member of the UCT’s Professional, Administrative Support and Service Staff since 2013. He holds the post of Systems Administrator in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science. Samuel’s previous employment history includes Stellenbosch University, Sanlam Investments Management and University of Cape Town in the ICT Management environment.

Current membership:
Executive member of the University of Cape Town Employees Union (UCTEU)
Senate nominated representative on the University Information and Communication Committee (UICTC)
Co-Chair of the Science Faculty Transformation Committee (SFTC)
Member of the Science Faculty Deans Advisory Committee (DAC)

Past membership:
Executive member of the Institutional Forum (IF)
Member of the Institutional and Reconciliation Steering Committee (IRTC)
Founding member of the University Cape Town Workplace Forum for Labour Unions (Workplace Forum)

Chetty’s active membership in the committees at the University of Cape Town and externally have provided him with skill-sets and experiences that have prepared him to advance the perspective and challenges facing PASS Staff and safeguard the roles that PASS Staff play within the academic project, student relations, governance and promotion of the University.