Mr Malcolm Campbell

Deputy Chair of Council

Malcolm Campbell is a UCT alumnus, having obtained a BArch from the university in 1981. He also holds an MSc in economics in urban development planning from the University College of London.

Malcolm is the principal at ACG Architects & Development Planners, whose portfolio of work covers the full spectrum of residential, retail, commercial, institutional and public amenity projects. In addition, Malcolm specialises in urban design with a particular focus on social and affordable housing. He has a special interest in memory work and has collaborated on two significant memory installations in Cape Town. ACG has garnered both national and international awards and most of its work has been published both nationally and internationally.

Malcolm is a past president of the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) (2001–2009) where he led significant transformation initiatives in the profession focused on promoting inclusivity and mobility. His work here included validation of architectural programmes at universities in South Africa, as well as in Ghana and Kenya, when he served as a member of the validation panel for the Commonwealth Association of Architects. He is a former the head of the department of architecture at the then Peninsula Technikon where he was involved in curriculum development work at a national level and in creating platforms for co-ordination and sharing between architectural institutions. He also initiated the community projects office, to prepare students for work in disadvantaged communities.