Cost of attendance is made up of three factors: tuition, accommodation and cost of living.

Your exact cost of attendance varies depending on your circumstances. Your course of study, decision to live on- or off-campus, food budget, travel expenses and family responsibilities all play a part.

Most students who are not living at home can expect a cost of attendance of R100 000 – R200 000 per year.

Cost of attendance may be higher if you are attending the Graduate School of Business.

To budget your cost of attendance, visit the fees, accommodation and cost of living sections.



Find details on postgraduate study fees at UCT and how to calculate your fee total.

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Helping to find accommodation

Accommodation costs

Learn how to budget for housing while studying as a postgraduate at UCT.

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Cost of living

We guide you through budgeting for cost of living expenses while living and studying in Cape Town.

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