You must budget for housing costs while studying at UCT. This cost will depend on several factors, including whether you chose to live on- or off-campus.

Most UCT postgraduates live off-campus due to limited on-campus accommodation.

Cost of accommodation for a single UCT postgraduate student is approximately R60 000 per year (R5 000 per month).

Important note: On-campus housing applications are processed at the same time as your academic application.

This means if you want to live on-campus, you must apply for housing during your UCT admissions process. 


  • Off-campus housing

    Off-campus housing involves finding your own accommodation and paying monthly rent, utility and other service fees.

    The cost of off-campus housing depends on where the accommodation is located and what utilities are included.

    Off-campus housing fees are usually paid once a month over a fixed period. These details are generally agreed in a lease or rental agreement.

    If you opt for off-campus housing, be sure to familiarise yourself with the suburbs of Cape Town. Their distance from UCT may affect where you choose to stay.

    Housing that is closer to UCT is often more expensive. However, be wary of choosing housing that is too far away. You may then need to set aside more budget for transport.

    Be aware of what is included in rent. Some rental costs do not include fees for electricity, water or other utilities. Internet and TV may also not be included.

    You should get to know Cape Town’s transportation options before choosing a place to stay. UCT’s free shuttle service, the Jammie Shuttle, offers safe, easy transport to the university for those living within walking distance of its stops. Find a Jammie Shuttle map here.

  • On-campus housing

    Only a limited number of on-campus housing options are available to postgraduate students. This type of housing is located on or near UCT academic buildings.

    Designated on-campus housing options for postgraduate students are self-catering only.

    For more details about these options, see the most recent Student Fees Handbook.

    On-campus housing is generally available from the end of January until mid-December.

    On-campus housing costs between R39 400 – R114 600 per year, depending on size and number of rooms.

    An initial payment fee of R20 000 is due in February. If your residence offer is made after the due date, initial payment is due immediately.

    The balance of your on-campus housing fee is due by 30 June.

    Interest will be charged on a monthly basis at 1% on all outstanding fees.