Once you’ve been awarded funding, we help you understand how to manage your funds. This includes how to:

If you have not yet started your search for funding, we can help you find funding.

We also help you calculate the cost of study including how much you should budget for tuition fees, accommodation and living costs.

Receive your funding

How you receive your funding depends on what type of award you’ve been granted.

Most awards are paid out after you complete a claim form. Claim forms are sent to your UCT email by the Postgraduate Funding Office.

In most cases, awards are paid into your student fees account. This is accessed via Student Self Service on PeopleSoft.

For UCT-affiliated awards, including Merit and Need Awards, funds are paid in monthly instalments.

Other awards may follow different payment structures.

Paying UCT

Paying UCT for fees, housing and other services is done through your student fees account. This is accessed via Student Self Service on PeopleSoft.

If you have been awarded full-cost funding, you owe nothing to UCT.

If you’ve been awarded partial funding, you owe UCT the remaining balance of your total fees. Learn how to pay that balance here.

If your award exceeds the total balance owed to UCT, the remainder will be deposited into your bank account. Be sure to update your Student Self Service account with your bank details.

Renewing your funding

Some funding is renewable. However, this is not done automatically.

If your award can be renewed, the Postgraduate Funding Office will send instructions to your UCT email.

Most funding renewals require that you submit a Progress Report. Details on Progress Reports can be found here.

Don’t know if your award can be renewed? Check the original award letter sent to you by the Postgrad Funding Office. It will explain whether you can renew your funding or not.

Deferring your funding

If you've been awarded funding, but are unable to attend UCT, you can defer your funding. This means you are able to hold your award until you attend UCT or return to study.

It is essential that you communicate your need to defer funding to the Postgraduate Funding Office.

You can do this by emailing the Postgraduate Funding Office at: pgfunding@uct.ac.za

Progress Reports

To renew your funding, most awards require that you maintain a satisfactory academic performance.

To prove this, you must submit a Progress Report.

Progress Report documents are sent by the Postgraduate Funding Office to your UCT email. You are required to get this paperwork signed by your supervisor.

Even if you have good marks and attendance, you are still required to submit a Progress Report to renew funding.