Faculty postgraduate contacts

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Faculty of Law

Faculty of Commerce

Ayanda Mpongwana | Acting Postgraduate Programmes Officer ayanda.mpongwana@uct.ac.za
Mzwa Mondi | Postgraduate Administrative Officer - Masters Examination  samuel.mondi@uct.ac.za 
Kim Parker | Postgraduate Administrative Assistant - Masters Examination  kim.parker@uct.ac.za 
Ncebakazi Dyantyi | Postgraduate Administrative Officer - School of Economics and GSB Liaison  ncebakazi.dyantyi@uct.ac.za 
Caefus Tladi | Postgraduate Administrative Assistant
Finance and Taxation and The Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance
Talisa Fisher | Postgraduate Administrative Assistant - School of Management studies talisa.fisher@uct.ac.za 
Bulelwa Manxiwa | Postgraduate Administrative Assistant - College of Accounting and Information Systems bulelwa.manxiwa@uct.ac.za 

Faculty of Commerce | Generic email addresses 

Admission and registration issues com-registration@uct.ac.za
Academic activities com-faculty@uct.ac.za 
LOA issues comfm@uct.ac.za  
All RAC issues com-rac@uct.ac.za 
WhatsApp 087 240 6965
Office number 021 650 4375


Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment (EBE)

General ebe-faculty@uct.ac.za
Khanyisa Tivaringe | Postgraduate Manager: Postgraduate Administration khanyisa.tivaringe@uct.ac.za
Khaya Salman | Administrative Assistant: Postgraduate Administration Khaya.salman@uct.ac.za 
Lumka Johannes | Administrative Assistant: Postgraduate Administration Lumka.Johannes@uct.ac.za
Zita Jemaar | Administrative Assistant: Postgraduate Administration zita.jemaar@uct.ac.za 

Mechanical Engineering

Carmelita Jonker | Departmental Manager carmelita.jonker@uct.ac.za
Denise Botha | Postgraduate Administrative Assistant denise.botha@uct.ac.za

Civil Engineering

Ayesha Dalwai | Departmental Manager ayesha.dalwai@uct.ac.za
Rowen Geswindt | Administrative Officer Rowen.Geswindt@uct.ac.za

Chemical Engineering

Sarojini Pillay | Departmental Manager Sarojini.pillay@uct.ac.za
Belinda Davids | Administrative Officer Belinda.Davids@uct.ac.za 

Electrical Engineering

Janine Buxey | Departmental Manager Janine.Buxey@uct.ac.za
Nicole Moodley | Administrative Officer Nicole.Moodley@uct.ac.za

Construction Economics and Management

Warda Samaai | Departmental Manager Warda.samaai@uct.ac.za
Mareldia Fagodien | Administrative Officer Mareldia.Fagodien@uct.ac.za


Janine Meyer | Departmental Manager Janine.Meyer@uct.ac.za
Naomi Gihwala | Administrative Officer Naomi.Gihwala@uct.ac.za
Junita Abrahams | Administrative Officer Junita.Abrahams@uct.ac.za


Faculty of Health Sciences

General fhs-pg@uct.ac.za
Manager: FHS Postgraduate (PG) Administration Nonds.Khayile@uct.ac.za

PG Academic Administrator: PG Diploma programmes

  • Postgraduate Admissions processing: PG Dip applications 
  • Admissions & registration queries 
  • PGDip Term Activation 
  • Term Activate and MoU
  • Remove the MOU service indicator on the system

General enquiries & MMed / MPhil

  • Link students and supervisors
  • Technical Fee waivers 
  • Term Activation: MMed / MPhil (Sub Spec) 
  • MoU

PG Academic Administrator: PhD & master's* 
*(except for MMed & MPhil subspeciality programmes)

  • Postgraduate Admissions processing: All master’s applications
  • Admissions and registration queries 
  • Retrieve MoUs
  • Service Requests Reassign

PG Academic Administrator: Master's by dissertation only  

  • Examination of master’s dissertations, registration.
  • Admissions and registration queries
  • Term Activation: MSc / MPhil / PhD
  • Service Request Incomplete Status 
  • Convenor Changes

PG Academic Administrator: Honours

  • Postgraduate Admissions processing: Honours
  • Admissions and registration queries 
  • Term Activation: Honours

PG Academic Administrator

  • HPCSA registrations and foreign workforce queries Faculty Office 
  • Concessions, MOUs, annual Progress reports, and drafting of a postgrad Dean’s Circular Change of marks forms, Upgrade queries, Payment of examiner queries, change of specialisation in PhD, Term activation and LOA/RLOA

PG Academic Administrator | Masters by coursework and minor dissertation 

  • Examination of master’s dissertations, registration.  
  • Admissions and registration queries
  • Term Activation MSc / MMedSc / Prof Ms / MPhil (Cw + Dis)
Deputy Registrar Mihloti Mkhatshwa


Faculty of Science

General sci-postgrad@uct.ac.za
Ayesha Shaik - Postgraduate Administrator Ayesha.Shaik@uct.ac.za
Amy Rooks-Smith - Postgraduate Administrator  Amy.Rooks-smith@uct.ac.za


Faculty of Humanities

General hum-postgrad@uct.ac.za 021 650 5079
A/Prof. Shose Kessi | Dean hum-dean@uct.ac.za 021 650 3059
Haile Matutu | Deans Office: Senior Administrative officer  haile.matutu@uct.ac.za 
Brigit Aldersley | Acting Faculty Manager fmhum@uct.ac.za 
Sashni Chetty | Director: Faculty Operations  sashni.chetty@uct.ac.za 
Aphiwe Magadla | Deans Office: Faculty Administration aphiwe.magadla@uct.ac.za
Debbie Chuter | Deputy Faculty manager  debby.chuter@uct.ac.za
A/Prof Leigh Schrieff-Brown | Deputy Dean: Postgrad Affairs & Funding leigh.schrieff-brown@uct.ac.za
A/Prof Bodhisattva Kar | Deputy Dean: Research & Internationalisation bodhisattva.kar@uct.ac.za
Prof Jaya Raju | Deputy Dean: Staffing and Transformation jaya.raju@uct.ac.za
Charlton Esterhuizen | Manager: Postgrad Administration & Records
(All administrative matters for PhD)
Ncumisa Mdingi-Nunu |  Administrative Officer
(All administrative matters for the following departments: Education; Theatre Drama and Performance; Department of Knowledge and Information Stewardship; Philosophy; School of Languages and Literature)
Ncumisa Mdingi-Nunu@uct.ac.za
Jesse Abrahams | Administrative officer
(All administrative matters for the following departments: Organisational Psychology; Religious Studies; Historical Studies; Sociology)
Kerewin Parfitt | Administrative officer
(All administrative matters for the following departments: Political Studies; Environmental and Geographical Sciences; Michaelis School of Fine Art; College of Music; Social Development; Economics; Film and Media)
Ibtishaam Jacobs | Administrative officer
(All administrative matters for the following departments: African Feminist Studies; African Studies and Linguistics; Anthropology; Archaeology; Psychology; Criminology; English Language and Literature)


Faculty of Law

General law-studies@uct.ac.za
Associate Professor Kelly Moult - Deputy Dean, Postgraduate Studies Kelly.Moult@uct.ac.za 021 650 5883
Ms Nondwe De Caires - Faculty Manager  Nondwe.DeCaires@uct.ac.za 021 650 3086
Ms Patricia Phillips - Manager, Postgraduate Studies (School for Advanced Legal Studies) patricia.phillips@uct.ac.za 021 650 5409
Ms Clare Richfield - Administrative Officer (School for Advanced Legal Studies)  clare.richfield@uct.ac.za 021 650 1677


Graduate School of Business

Tarryn Mentoor tarryn.mentoor@uct.ac.za  

General postgraduate contacts and Researcher Development

Office of Postgraduate Studies 
Room 2.04, Level 2
Otto Beit Building
University Avenue North
Upper Campus
Email: pgstudies@uct.ac.za
Tel: +27 (0)21 650 3171
UCT Fees Office 
Level 3
Kramer Building
Middle Campus
Email: fnd-feeenq@uct.ac.za
Tel: +27 (021)  650 1704
Postgraduate Funding Office 
Level 3
Otto Beit Building
University Avenue North
Upper Campus
Email: pgfunding@uct.ac.za
Tel+27 (021) 650 3622
Research Office 
Allan Cormack House
2 Rhodes Avenue (corner Main Road)
Email: researchvisibility@uct.ac.za
Tel +27 (0)21 650 4015

For more contacts visit the UCT General Contacts page.