Safety at UCT is imperative. Because the university is an open campus with various access points, there is potential risk on and off campus. Staff and students must always be alert and aware of good safety habits.

Campus Protection Services are on campus 24/7 to boost safety and security. They have equipment, like fencing, gates and CCTV to enhance security. They also patrol campus on foot and in vehicles to assist students and deter criminals.

Keep CPS informed of any incidents. The CPS landline number is 021 650 2222/3, and there is a 24-hour toll free number that you can call, even if you have no airtime on your phone: 080 650 2222.

There is also a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), which empowers the university with knowledge and skills to respond to and prevent sexual violence on and off campus. The SART 24-hour hotline is available on 072 393 7824.

You can also report any discrimination or harassment at the Office for Inclusivity and Change.

Remember these good safety habits for crime prevention to help protect yourself and your property:

  • There’s safety in numbers: wait in groups and well-lit areas.
  • Be vigilant: Keep aware of your surroundings and keep your possessions out of sight.
  • Keep your valuables close: Don’t leave them unattended or unlocked.
  • Lock it up: Keep belongings secure and ensure your accommodation is locked before heading out.

A list of emergency numbers at UCT can be found here.