When withdrawing from UCT or cancelling your studies, you must immediately inform the US loan administrator at the International Academic Programme Office (IAPO).

IAPO will determine whether any or all of the Direct loan funds need to be returned to the US Department of Education, before authorising any funds directly to you. See the refund policy.

If you withdraw, cancel or graduate from UCT you must complete the exit counselling session before UCT can determine whether you are eligible for a refund. You have 30 days to complete the exit counselling.

Pro rata refund calculations apply to all Direct loan recipients who withdraw within 60% of the payment period. Any unearned funds have to be sent back to the US Department of Education and your loan will be reduced accordingly. This may result in an outstanding tuition fee which must be settled immediately or before you leave.

Should you cancel or withdraw before classes starts, any funds disbursed to you will have to be returned. If you registered and then withdrew the international fee admin cost of R3 750 cannot be reversed and has to be settled by you immediately.