The International Office facilitates internationalisation through support services and inter-institutional relationships that offer benefits to partners and a range of opportunities to local students, staff and researchers enabling them to engage in a connected world.

International Office Services Dictionary:

  1. Provide information and advice on immigration regulations as they relate to registration as a student at UCT and guide international students in how to apply for or renew a study visa.
  2. Welcome and induct international students by hosting an orientation programme, preparing them for life in Cape Town, organising social and extra-curricular activities and advising on what to do and who to contact in the event of an emergency or critical incident while in Cape Town.
  3. Administer the legislated requirement for visa and immigration clearance prior to academic registration as an international student at UCT.
  4. Collect international students' initial academic fee payment prior to academic registration.
  5. Manage the invoicing and collection of fees for academic programmes managed by the International Office in terms of signed inter-institutional agreements for exchange or customised international learning programmes.
  6. Establish and nurture international partnerships for student exchange and customised international learning programmes.
  7. Manage the approval and governance process for inter-institutional memoranda of understanding and memoranda of agreement for student exchange and customised learning programmes with international partner universities.
  8. Manage the selection of exchange students outbound from and inbound to UCT under inter-institutional exchange agreements with international partner universities.
  9. Manage bilateral and multilateral programmes of collaboration with other African universities.
  10. Manage the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Programme.