Join Africa’s largest and most dynamic study abroad programmes

Are you an international student interested in studying at UCT as part of your degree at another university? UCT offers a vibrant study abroad programme  for students wanting to spend one or two semesters experiencing life in Cape Town while completing a degree elsewhere. SSA students are taught alongside other UCT students and are fully integrated into academic and social life at UCT.

To be accepted to the Semester Study Abroad programme, you must

  • be a current student of a university or college outside South Africa,
  • be of good academic standing at your home university,
  • have a cumulative average of 65% in your current studies (this is equivalent to a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a scale of 0.0 to 4.0 in the USA system or an upper range ‘B’ on the ECTS grading scale)
  • have completed three semesters towards your degree,
  • have met UCT’s English language admission requirements.

The programme offers a wide range of courses and students can select from subjects established in the Faculties of Commerce, Engineering & the Built Environment, Humanities, Law and Science.

Applications for course admission are assessed by academic selectors in the relevant discipline who will pay particular attention to your academic record and courses already taken towards your home university degree.

Study abroad students pay a semester package fee covering tuition, application costs, and orientation activities. Students receive comprehensive pre-arrival information and assistance in finding suitable accommodation close to campus. The International Office also offers an extensive orientation programme to welcome you to Cape Town and to UCT at the start of the semester.

Students on the programme have an opportunity to join student societies and clubs, and to participate in the community service and volunteering programmes run by SHAWCO (a community partnership and social entrepreneurship organization affiliated with UCT).

Deadlines for submitting an application are

  • for First Semester (February - June): 31 October prior to the year of study.
  • for Second Semester (July - November): 30 April of the year of study.

As it can take up to eight weeks to obtain a South African study visa, early applications are encouraged.