UCT offers limited on-campus accommodation. Most students (around 70%) live in private rented accommodation in the areas immediately surrounding the university. Working with a third party platform, UCT offers study abroad students a variety of high-quality, secure, and suitably furnished accommodation within walking distance of campus, or the UCT Jammie shuttle route.


Student clubs and societies

Immerse yourself in campus life by joining up to three student societies or sports clubs as part of the study abroad package fee. UCT has over 40 sports clubs and 100 student societies reflecting a wide range of interests from academic to religious, cultural, social and political activities.


Getting around

Cape Town has a cheap and efficient service, the MyCiTi bus, which covers most of the city; though many locals also get around using privately-run minibus taxis. There’s a train network for travelling further afield, and the University runs its own private bus service, the Jammie Shuttle, which connects the campuses and student residences. Many locals and students also use e-hailing services, such as Uber or Bolt, which are relatively cheap in South Africa.


2024 Publication

Page through Campus Life for just about all the information you need to know about studies and life at UCT. It’s an indispensable guide for all first-time students on campus.

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