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The Semester Study Abroad programme charges a package fee covering: enrolment in up to four semester courses (one semester’s worth of a full-degree course load), membership of up to three student clubs or societies, airport transfer on arrival, orientation activities, and access to a 24-hour referral number in the event of a critical incident or an emergency. Your application route will determine what fees you are charged.

Apply through your home university

SSA students who apply through their home university under an inter-institutional mobility agreement will be invoiced by their home university. Consult with your home university international office about the fee they charge and payment terms.


Apply directly as a freemover

SSA students who apply independently pay a package fee. The fee per semester in 2024 will be USD7,800.


Apply through our study abroad organisations

Students enrolling via a partner provider organisation pay fees directly to the provider. This covers the programme fee and a range of additional services including accommodation. Fees vary by provider.


Cape Town is one of the most affordable study abroad destinations in the world. These are some indicative costs for living in private rented accommodation in the areas surrounding campus.

Expenses Rand cost per month Dollar cost per month Semester total
Meals ZAR 5 000 318 USD 1 590 USD
Accommodation ZAR 7 000 445 USD 2 225 USD
Books & Stationery ZAR 3 500 per semester 223 USD     223 USD
Transportation ZAR 2 000 127 USD     635 USD
Spending money ZAR 2 000 127 USD     635 USD
Living costs ZAR 3 000 191 USD     955 USD
Medical Aid Cover ZAR 455   32 USD     160 USD
Tuition per semester    7 800 USD
    Total 14 223 USD

*Calculated at exchange rate ZAR15.72/ USD.