If you have a topic you wish to submit to the UCT Knowledge Co-op, for:

  • Tapping into research, knowledge, and expertise at the university

  • Finding academic research

  • Finding opportunities for your graduate students to work with community groups

  • Finding academic support for research you are conducting in your organisation

Please fill in the *form and press the submit button at the bottom.

You will receive acknowledgement that we have received the project within a few days. If the project seems viable we may approach you for more details before attempting to find a partner within the university. Once it has been matched we will organise a meeting with the student/s who have agreed to undertake the project.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the process or the form.

* The form is available here.

If you know of an organisation that may have a project that you would like to suggest or recommend for the UCT Knowledge Co-op, please ask them to contact us or fill in the form.