So far 869 project ideas have been submitted to the UCT Knowledge Co-op, since its start late in 2010.

A number of them have been matched to students or academics of which some are currently underway and more than 200 have already been Completed.

Listed below are projects that are currently underway.

Project Name Project Description

#163. Substance abuse rehab

Document and assess an out-patient substance abuse rehabilitation programme.

Submitted by: Living Hope

UCT partners: Social & Behavioural Sciences – Dr Christopher Colvin, Portia Klaas
# 574. Priorities in job creation

What are government priorities for creating employment? How much focus on creating work in high unemployment areas?

Submitted by: U-Turn

UCT partners: Social Development - Dr Chance Chagunda and Carol Dithologo.
#499. Use of child care grant

Investigate the ways in which child support grants are actually used. Identify approaches to ensure children do benefit from them.

Submitted by:  New Heritage Foundation

UCT partners: Social Development – Dr Khosi Kubeka, Mihlali Manikivana
#523. A process evaluation of Laureus

Conduct a process evaluation on Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, that funds and supports 11 Cape Town based community projects using sport as a tool for social change.

Submitted by: Laureus Foundation

UCT partners: Organisational Psychology – Dr Adiilah Boodhoo, Utete Chikwara
#587. Right to shelter and dignity for homeless 

What does the constitutional / human right to shelter and dignity require of the City of Cape Town in terms of provision for people who are homeless?

Submitted by: U-Turn

UCT partners: Public Law – Dr Tshepo Mosaka and Lelethu Nongwavu
#602. Reducing Meat Consumption

Investigate environmental barriers & facilitators to reducing meat consumption among adults residing in Gugulethu, considering the role of interpersonal, community and institutional factors.

Submitted by: Humane Society International – Africa

UCT partners: Public Health Care – Prof Landon Myer, Dr Carla Tsampiras and Hannah Wolpe
#610. Perceived threats to oceans

Explore the disparity between the beliefs/understanding of laypeople vs the understanding of experts regarding the biggest current threats for the oceans. Quantify the concerns for the two groups.

Submitted by: Shark education centre - SOS

UCT partners: African Climate & Development Initiative – Dr Marieke Norton, Jana Basson
#614. Impact of career guidance

Assess the impact of the career guidance training in its first year of implementation and capture the lessons learnt and recommended improvements.

Submitted by: Action Volunteer Africa

UCT partner: Organisational Psychology - Dr Carren Duffy, Robert Waswaga

#630. Impact of PEP completion and follow-up strategy

How has MOSAIC's rigorous PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) Completion and Follow Up Strategy improved PEP completion and benefited survivors assisted at TCCs?

Submitted by: MOSAIC

UCT partners: Organisational Psychology - Dr Carren Duffy and Anne Ochieng 
# 633. Changing boys’ gender perceptions through sport

Study the impact of participation in a co-ed sport-based life skills programme on boys’ gendered perception of girls.

Submitted by: School of Hard Knocks

UCT partners: Management Studies - Dr Carren Duffy and Amaal Salie.
#644. Barriers to access DV service 

What barriers are there for accessing available services around Domestic violence among refugees?

Submitted by: MRASA 

UCT partners: Social and Behavioural Sciences - A/Prof Lucia Knight, Dr Jessica Dutton and Katie Bradley
#657. Assessment of a GAP year programme

Asses the content of the GAP year programme for young people who are out of school preparing them for going to university or college. Post-matric up to age 23.

Submitted by: Yabonga

UCT partner: Organisational Psychology – Dr Adiilah Boodhoo, Brilliant Bhebhe and Brent Adams

#660. How are Menstrual cups received?

Post-distribution of Mcups, establish the extent to which this method is used and the impact of Mcups where used.

Submitted by: MPowercups

UCT partners: Social and Behavioural Science – Dr Jennifer Githaiga, Natasha Ruya

#672. Beyond economics: the social value of “Green Jobs”

Identify the value, beyond the salaries earned, of employment to those employed and their immediate community. Case study: Shark Spotters programme.

Submitted by: Shark Spotters

UCT partners: Environmental & Geographical Science - Dr Marieke Norton and Maxwell Besser
#678. Service delivery evaluation

Evaluate Nal’ibali’s supply and distribution chain for its literacy resources via newspaper supplements, primarily distributed at Post Offices; make recommendations to reduce wastage.

Submitted by: Nal’ibali

UCT partners: Management Studies – A/Prof Adiilah Boodhoo and Athi Mapoma

#717. Evaluation of an entrepreneurship competition

Conduct a design /process evaluation / develop a theory of change for an online game/competition for secondary school learners to teach entrepreneurship principles.

Submitted by: Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

UCT partners: Organisational Psychology – Dr Adiilah Boodhoo, Ombo Dumutu
# 763. Advancing gender equality

A Life History Enquiry into Men Who Have been Violent Toward Women

Submitted by: MOSAIC

UCT partners: Psychology – Prof Floretta Boonzaier, Kajal Carr
#775. Multi-level evaluation of the entrepreneurship programme

Determine the need for, and design plausibility, of an entrepreneurship programme on its beneficiaries throughout the support “pipeline” from school through university and beyond. Provide feedback on both implementation and impact (including unintended outcomes) of the programme.

Submitted by: Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

UCT partners: School of Management Studies M&E class project– A/Prof Sarah Chapman, Dr Carren Duffy, A/Prof Adiilah Boodhoo, and, Cayla Cooksey, Mojalefa Dipholo, Innocent Maponga, Ngoakwana Modubi, Thato Mokoma, Lebo Nchachi, Nozuko Ndamase, Kevin Onyango, Carlynn Pokpas, Tsholo Sabole, Andrew Swingler, Shari Thanjan, Olga Van Wyk 

# 777. Youth Offenders Reintegration

An exploratory study on reintegration of formerly incarcerated youth offenders (FIYO) in Gugulethu), Western Cape.

Submitted by: Realistic

UCT partners:   A/Prof Thulane Gxubane, Ph.D. and Connie Ncube

This table was updated on 23 December 2023.