Some students share their experiences of working with the Knowledge Co-op:

590 Ackerman

Jo Ackermann, 2023

MPhil in Criminology, Law and Society
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: The collaboration with my Community Based partner, Streetscapes, helped me gain insight into how a grassroots organisation like Streetscapes can make a positive impact in people's lives. I am very grateful towards the Knowledge Co-Op for facilitating the relationship with Streetscapes. I felt like the Knowledge Co-Op was sensitive to all parties' needs and that this ensured that outcomes were achieved for all in a respectful manner. I am especially grateful for the UCT Knowledge Co-Op Bursary, and for the regular check ins about the progress of my project.
659 Samke

Semkelisiwe Ncube, 2023

Master’s in Public Health
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Working on a Knowledge Co-op project was an enriching experience for me. Being allowed to collaborate with a community partner exposed me to real-life research problems, connected my academic pursuits with the needs and challenges of the real world. This ultimately, added a meaningful dimension to research. Moreover, working on a topic relevant to an existing community context was an excellent way to ground my research in the real world, and made my research findings more applicable and beneficial. This experience taught me the nuances of collaborative work, effective communication, and the importance of considering diverse perspectives in research.

Sibahle Majola,

MPhil in Programme Evaluation
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: I am very appreciative of the UCT Knowledge Co-op. Through the Co-op I experienced seamless collaboration with the community partner, Just Grace. They facilitated the amazing partnership and gave me the opportunity to work with an organisation that’s working to make a difference in the world of young people which is in line with my passion for the development of youth. I received a great deal of support and guidance from the Co-op that enabled me to successfully finish my research journey. It was a tough time conducting research during the covid-19 pandemic, however the Co-op staff check-ins were motivating.

female logo

Benita Mukoni, 2022

Social Development Masters
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Collaborating with Co-op was incredibly fulfilling. It enabled me to conduct meaningful research which would assist NPOs in making a change in the lives of disadvantaged caregivers. The experience expanded my knowledge of the NPO sector and I developed skills that will benefit my career in social development. Lastly, the Co-op staff were an amazing support system; they were patient,well-organized, communicated frequently, offered assistance, and provided counsel whenever the research became overwhelming. I feel blessed to have collaborated with them and am grateful for their assistance in this difficult and turbulent journey.

Rustim Williams, 2021

UG Information Systems

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Working on a project with Imijelo NPO taught me many skills that are needed to be an IT project manager. It gave me the opportunity to implement what we learnt, such as creating a business case and completing a project report.  It was a wonderful experience working with people who had a concern for the welfare and betterment of humanity.  I also experienced the realities and challenges of working remotely due to the Covid pandemic. I am very grateful for this invaluable opportunity and I will definitely recommend partnering with the Knowledge Co-op.

Melissa Bernardo, 2021

Social Anthropology Honours

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: I am so grateful for the opportunity to work in collaboration with the Knowledge Co-op because through this research topic, I was able to focus on something that is important to me - access to education - and also give back to my own community, Strandfontein. I am extremely happy with the outcomes of my research and the fact that it will help the Save Our Seas Shark Education Centre connect with the schools in Strandfontein. The Knowledge Co-op has given me so much support during the research and writing components of my thesis and I am grateful for that.

Stella Sithole, 2020-21

MPhil in Programme Evaluation
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Choosing to work with the UCT Knowledge Co-op was the best decision ever. It provided an opportunity for me to not only work towards achieving my degree but also to provide evidence towards improving the reading for enjoyment campaign. Not only did the Knowledge Co-op assist with a community partner for my research, but they also provided me with the much-needed support and guidance throughout my thesis journey. Studying in other countries can be difficult, but through the Knowledge Co-op, my journey was made easy, and for that I am grateful.

Sofia Gouveia, 2020

Economics Honours
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Working with the Knowledge Co-Op in 2020 certainly looked different than expected because of the Coronavirus. There were many challenges in terms of data-collection and meeting with my partner organisation. Yet, from working with the Knowledge Co-op and my partner organization I gained inspiration for my research topic. I was also immensely impressed by the work, impact, and knowledge of my partner organisation, as well as the commitment of the Co-op staff to helping me succeed. I am grateful for the experience and exposure that I have received from this research."

Sihle Msweli, 2019

Economics Honours

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Working with the Knowledge Co-op was probably the best decision I made during my honours year. Through the Knowledge Co-op, I was not only able to collect my own data but also have my work used to impact a community. The whole experience was amazing and I gained skills (designing a survey, collecting survey data and compiling an executive summary) that I otherwise would not have had the chance to. I thoroughly enjoyed working on my thesis, with the support and guidance provided by the Knowledge Co-op being a huge reason for that

Chadley Bissolati, 2019

Sociology Honours

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: I am very thankful and blessed to have been a part of the UCT Knowledge Co-op. The project provided a convenient platform for me to conduct my research project. By acting as the intermediary between myself and the Streetscapes programme, they provided a gateway in which I could access the would-be participants of my study. This research experience was truly invaluable. There were absolutely no issues regarding communication either, where the team always kept in touch regarding my deadlines and wellbeing. My journey throughout the year has therefore been one that I will always remember.

Sarah Okedi Birungi, 2019

Social Development Masters

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: The UCT Knowledge Co-op played a key role in ensuring the completion of the project through making contact with the community partner, making follow-ups which enabled timely data collection. The study not only facilitated improvements in my research skills but the findings were found to be valuable to the stakeholder (MOSAIC centre) as these will inform improvements in the provision of services to the victims of domestic violence.  I want to thank the Knowledge Co-op for facilitating a smooth research process.

Phakani Mhazo, 2019

Public Health Masters

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Working with a partner has been rewarding in so many ways. It gave me the opportunity to carry out research that impacts positively on people’s lives. It also improved my time-management skills, as I was supposed to make significant progress and provide progress reports at the end of each month (this undoubtedly helped me to stay on track and finish my Masters in time). The Co-op was very helpful in not only maintaining our collaboration with CANSA, but also reaching out to me regularly, just to check if I was coping – it is a good source of moral support for students.

Jessica Burn, 2018
Public Law Masters
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: The opportunity to combine academic research together with the tangible work of Children's Resource Centre was invaluable and added a really special dimension to my LLM. The Girl Child Movement allowed me to see first-hand the promotion of human rights and female empowerment and not simply philosophise in an armchair. The experience also clarified the financial difficulties which many NGOs are facing and how the government and the private sector need to get involved in funding their amazing programmes. I would encourage any UCT student to embark on this kind of partnership and use your education to pay it forward.

Monica Goemans, 2018
Psychology Honours
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Through my honours project, I was able to encounter an incredible organisation and work with them to create research that was needed and, once the project was completed, valued. The Knowledge Co-op was invaluable in providing the connection to kick-start this exciting project and without them, I would have never been able to do research on ageing out of foster care. Through this research, I was able to discover and develop my passion for youth and be made aware of many challenges that they face.

Tafadzwa Dzingwe, 2018
Sociology Masters
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: I am honored and very thankful to have been part of UCT Knowledge Co-op as it had a significant impact on my academic achievements and financial wellbeing. This allowed me to complete my research and academic journey. During my time at UCT, the Co-op provided much needed motivation and career development through networking opportunities with like-minded students and staff. This is very special to me because living and studying in other countries can be difficult and challenging. People must be proactive in seeking opportunities, it’s always my prayer to give back and be grateful for the opportunities given to me.

Philicia Behari, 2018
Information Systems Honours
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: I chose a Knowledge Co-op project which allowed me to teach high school learners basic computer literacy skills. I learnt that teaching required me to understand the learners and that includes adjusting the pace at which I taught different learners. The learners absorbed my energy hence my enthusiasm towards the content of the lessons helped them engage in the lessons. The project also required me to consider community dynamics when interacting with learners. I would like to thank Knowledge Co-op for the exposure to different community dynamics. The experience has enriched me.

Sorell Pitcher, 2017
Masters - Psychology
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Partnering with the Knowledge Co-op was a really valuable experience. Knowing that my research was contributing to something more than my own academics was incredibly motivating and gave great depth and meaning to my dissertation. It was wonderful to be able to work with people who are in the field every day as this helped solve both practical and theoretical issues arising during my project. I also appreciated the support and encouragement that I received from the Knowledge Co-Op throughout.

Aviwe Menze, 2017
Information Systems Honours
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: I was teaching basic computer skills to fostered kids. Volunteering at Home from Home was one of the most rewarding experiences I had throughout my Honours year. There’s something about helping others and making a difference in other people's lives that left me feeling content and grateful for the opportunities I have had. I still talk to some of the kids and we have built string friendships that will probably last for a lifetime.

Sarah Melville, 2017
Tessa Chittenden, 2017 Economics 3rd Year
What we gained from working on a Co-op project: We really valued the role that the Knowledge Co-op played ensuring accountability - this helped us with both the motivation during the beginning stages of the research process, and with moving the project towards completion. Also, the Co-op allowed us to make contact with the relevant community partners and thus the research process could run smoothly. We learnt so much through engaging with the extremely helpful volunteers at Harvest of Hope, and we thank the Co-op for facilitating this connection with such patience and encouragement.

Derin Michelle Adebulehin, 2017
Master of Social Science in Global Studies
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Working with the Knowledge Co-op on this research project in partnership with SAEP was a thoroughly fulfilling experience. Primarily because it was a challenging year but also an exciting project for me. I was able to channel my passion for research in education towards uncovering ways with which students can better gain access and achieve success at university. The outcome of this project, therefore, feels like an achievement in constructively contributing to the South African higher education sector. I am grateful to the Co-op for this rewarding opportunity.

Anine Kriegler, 2016
PhD Criminology
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: The Knowledge Co-op made it possible for me to assist a community with one of its problems (density of liquor outlets), while also advancing my own research skills and experience. It is a wonderful project that deserves much greater praise and support.

Zakiyah Ebrahim, 2017
Masters- Media Studies
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: It was a wholly enriching experience to have worked with the Knowledge Co-Op. Through the Co-Op, I was put in touch with Khulisa, an NPO, and met a wonderful group of street-based people that became the subjects of my project. They taught me so much and, through their unique stories, allowed me the opportunity to also educate the general public on the complex challenges they face while living on the streets. My MA project was a very rewarding, enlightening and exciting journey. I am also grateful that -- because of the Co-Op -- my project was selected for the five minute promotional documentary which forms part of the Stepping Stones programme. Thanks to the Co-Op, Khulisa and my wonderful supervisor, this project has certainly been the best and most meaningful academic experience during my six years at UCT.

Laura Irvine, 2016:
Social Anthropology Honours
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Working with the Knowledge Co-Op has been rewarding in so many ways. Being able to choose a project of personal interest makes sure that you stay motivated when the going gets tough, and there is so much to choose from! The partnership is another kind of accountability that really helps the project to completion. I was lucky that my partner was very involved in getting me to my field (my accommodation was generously funded) and introducing me to key informants. I would not have been able to produce the same calibre of study on my own. I also appreciated immensely that my work has an after-life, and I wasn't just talking to a blank wall, my thesis left on a shelf to collect dust. My work is of value to a company that is trying to better the lives of others, and being able to contribute to that is truly special. Thank you so much to Barbara and Mpho, who were always ready to help and cheer me on. I am definitely recommending the Knowledge Co-Op to others who would like to make a real impact with their dissertation

Luke Oliver, 2016
Information Systems Undergraduate
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: My experience with the UCT Knowledge Co-op was exciting and rewarding.  I was able to gain experience on how to implement the theoretical aspects, practically in a real life situation.  It was a very useful learning experience to understand how data is collected, transformed and then presented to the user in a meaningful and useful format.  Being able to build a program for a community based event was rewarding as it enabled the organisers of the event to better collect, manage and report on the attendance data.

Olga Simanga, 2016
Social Development Masters
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Working with Co-op has been a great journey for me. Not only did it enhance my knowledge about Social Development, but I also learnt about the importance of having realistic achievable goals. The Co-op facilitated my internship with Embrace Dignity (ED) which I truly loved because I am passionate about women empowerment and this was the perfect platform.  I learnt so much about myself, the organisation and the importance of my specialisation in development. I am overwhelmed by the experience and am sincerely grateful for the support and attention I received from the Co-op and ED.

Kerry-Lee Black (Louw), 2016:
Psychology Honours
What I gained from working on a Co-op project: I wanted my honours year to mean more than just obtaining another degree, my research to be relevant and beneficial to others even if only in a small way. The Knowledge Co-op answered this need of mine. Not only did they put me in contact with an organisation which needed research, they mentored and monitored the process to ensure that both parties could benefit through the relationship. Furthermore, the usually dreaded task of finding participants and the data collection was made easy because the organisation did everything they could to help my research run smoothly. I am deeply grateful for this.

Simone Peters, 2015-16

Psychology Masters

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Working with Knowledge Co-op was a great experience; they enabled me to access a population which often goes unnoticed.  Working with SWEAT was great; everyone was so welcoming and cooperative throughout my study. I learnt about the complexities of what it means to be a sex worker in Cape Town. I also really appreciated how the Knowledge Co-op helped me in every step of my research, checking in on me and making sure my research process was running as smoothly as possible. I really am grateful for this partnership and I recommend the Co-op route to all students.

Carla Espost, 2014-16

Film & Media Masters

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: It was a great privilege to be working with the Co-op. It understands how to bring together academia and non-profits in a way that creates beneficial results for both, but most importantly aims towards bettering the world we live in. Without the backing of the Co-op I would not have been able to attempt changing the lives of young children striving for a better education. Tertiary education is such a privilege;putting back into the community shouldn't even be an option, it should be a must. Thanks to the Knowledge Co-op I came to realise the importance of sustainable research.

Prianka Parusnath, 2015

MSc Speech-Language Pathology

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: To me, working with the Co-Op opened my eyes to where my research fit in to my community.It became so much more than a project on paper, it allowed me to see that my work had very real implications.This to me was the most invaluable and inspiring part of my entire project that kept me motivated and determined to produce the best work I could.  I learned the true meaning of partnership and that made all the difference. My research was no longer just for the purpose of a degree but for me to find a way to better my community.

Louise Stoch, 2015

Information Systems Honours

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: My experience working with the Knowledge Co-op was enriching and rewarding. They were very efficient and helpful in putting myself and my peers in touch with an organisation that we felt gave us a thought provoking experience. They assisted us in using our skills to make a difference in other people’s lives and also gave us the opportunity to reflect on that time spent doing so. Reflecting was what allowed me to realise the true value one derives from helping others, and without the Knowledge Co-op I never would have taken the time to do so.

Brian Manda, 2015

Information Systems Honours

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: My time at ORT showed me that simple toys can be used as instruments to teach children fundamental aspects of team work, asking for help and most importantly creative problem solving. I also got to work for the Knowledge Co-op, editing their website and learning new skill from a tool I had never used before. 
Volunteering was something new to me I am grateful for the experiences and treasured memories I gained. It was a journey which allowed me to meet people and learn a lot and make a small contribution to someone’s life along the way. 

Lara Karasellos, 2014

Honours in Sociology

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Many Honours students have difficulty choosing a research project topic as they are relatively new to the field and new to research in general. When I began Honours I did not have a strong inclination for one topic in particular but I knew that I didn’t want to dedicate a year of my life to a research topic just for the sake of it. The Co-Op allowed me to work on a topic that was useful and beneficial for the school concerned. I knew my research was actually needed and helpful, and this made the experience somuch more fulfilling. 

Matilda Foli, 2014
Information Systems Honours

What I gained from working on a Co-op project:My experience with the Knowledge Co-op was a memorable one. What began as just a graduation requirement (30 hours community service) became a life changing experience. Initially I provided computer skills to grade 7 learners at a school in Gugulethu. And later with an organisation called Yabonga, where I gave Excel training to some staff members. What I realised was that adults learn and understand better through practice while children learn through explaining concepts . This was aphenomenal discovery for me. Overall , I'm sincerely grateful that I was given a chance to make adifference in people's lives.

Elretha Bartlett, 2014
Psychology Honours

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Working through UCT Knowledge Co-op has been a wonderful experience. It is a greatfeeling realising that you make a valuable contribution to a non-profit organisation that is actually going tomake use of the findings of your research project. The staff at the Knowledge Co-op encouraged me throughout theproject and liaised with SWEAT (the organisationI worked with) on my behalf. Working through the Knowledge Co-op also gave me the opportunity to make contactwith students doing similar projects. The process of working with SWEAT was very rewarding. I listened to thestories of female sex workers. Their stories inspired me and challenged my own biasesand preconceptions. 

Amy Gorven, 2014
Psychology Honours

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Doing a project with the Knowledge Co-op has been a rich and rewarding experience.Through the Co-op I was able to partner with SWEAT to produce a thesis answering the question of 'how sexworkers construct their experiences of intimate partner violence (IPV)'. This research was especiallysignificant because SWEAT had requested more information to be able to better support its members. Thus, I did athesis which contributed to the psychological literature on IPV, and was also helpful to female sex workers inCT. This research certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone, but was also humbling and personally enriching.

Chloe Woodin, 2014
Hons - Women and Law

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: I got so much more out of my research once the Co-op put me in touch with an NGO. Through them I conducted research on the partial criminalisation model for prostitution in South Africa, focusing on the potential punishments for offenders. The Co-op facilitated meetings and gave me an opportunity to present my findings to the NGO. This made me feel like my work actually counted for something and would be influential in further work done by the NGO. I had a great support system throughout the process and a wonderful feeling of satisfaction in presenting the final product.

Thembelihle Bongwana, 2013
Gender studies, Honours

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: This was an exciting experience for me; I learnt quite a lot. Most importantly was theinvaluable support I got from both the NGO and Knowledge Co-op by constantly checking up on me, making sure Iwas okay and coping with the daily challenges that come with being a Researcher. I was also able to form solidrelations with the NGO, and was invited to all their events to give talks/ presentations. It got to a placewhere I was so comfortable with everyone in the Organisation. I have the Knowledge Co-op to thank for the opportunity it gave me.

Michaella Allen, 2013
Rapid Research intern

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Volunteering for the UCT Knowledge Co-op was truly a rewarding experience as it allowed me to gain appreciation for organisations who work to uplift and empower their community. Unless one works withindividuals from different communities, the challenges experienced by NGOs to uplift low-income areas, and their attempts to overcome them, can't beunderstood. I am now more socially-aware, and have learnt how to look at situations more analytically fromdifferent perspectives. The compassionate team at Co-op has developed my eagerness to volunteer for communityprojects.

Sekai Muvembi, 2011
Information Systems Honours

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Being part of the Knowledge Co-op family and its purpose to address the needs ofcommunities was a great honour. Working on a content based management system for Epilepsy South Africatranslated further than merely applying my IT skills. It involved providing a solution that would assist people with a real need who have dedicated their lives to improving those of Epilepsy patients. l was greatly determined to make an impact within the time frame we had to complete the project. Working with the Knowledge Co-op not only enhanced my skills set but instilled a culture of giving.

Whitney Barnett, 2011-2012
Public Health, Masters

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: The Co-op facilitated my partnership with Medicens sans Frontieres to investigate challenges faced by HIV positive patients on second line antiretrovirals. I appreciate the opportunity to gain first hand research experience on a critical issue in health service delivery as well as valuable exposure to an international NGO. As a result, I have completed my thesis and facilitated dissemination of findings to clinic staff and managers to help improve care for this patient population.

Ewan James, 2012
Information Systems Honours

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: For personal reasons, epilepsy is an issue close to my heart and yet I had never done anything to contribute to helping those with epilepsy. The process of helping this organisation, and seeing thedirect effect it can have has really made an impact on me and changed my definition of what it means to "make adifference". I also got a chance to put into practice everything I've learned during my IS course on a small scale,from needs assessment, resource consideration, programming, and usability testing and training.

Penlope Yaguma, 2012

Electrical & Computer Engineering Volunteer with CHOSA (PC training) and the Knowledge Co-op

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: My main role as a volunteer was to teach basic computer skills to the "mamas" who runseveral orphanages in township areas of Cape Town over the mid-year vacation. The guidance and support fromCHOSA made the transition from engineering studentto volunteer a whole lot easier. I had experiences I had never had before: I met and formed friendships withamazing people; and...I even learned a new language!! I have a completely new outlook on volunteering and doingcommunity work.

The Co-op is in need of ongoing changes in the Website, brochures, project database, allof which I was fortunate enough to be a part of. I have done a couple of internships with companies before, butnone of these gave me the same exposure to various roles as the Co-op did. It facilitated my acquisition of newskills such as web design in HTML. In addition my internship opened other doors for me, enabling me to fit intovarious community out-reach societies on campus and enhancing my chances of getting onto society committees.

Anja Mulder, 2012
Gender Studies honours

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Early in 2012 I came across a project posted by UCT’s Knowledge Co-op. With the Co-op’s help I was able to interview breast cancer patients from two of CANSA’s care facilities to explore their experiences of the often lengthy waiting period between initial diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to the Knowledge Co-op I met some incredible women, whose stories and experiences I never would have been able to access on my own. I am so grateful for their time and honesty and for the Co-op’s support throughout the year. It has been an amazing experience!

9 students, 2012
BAS (Honours) Architecture

What I gained from working on a Co-op project:The involvement of the UCT Knowledge Co-op on the Kannemeyer School Hall Design Project was a collaboration that offered much value to the management, mediation and required output for this endeavour. In a student project that sawthe engagement of multiple external parties, the involvement of the Co-op proved to be crucial in establishingthe roles and expectations of each member. The entire team was pleased with the final client output generatedand hope to work with the Co-op in the future.

Rebecca Goba, 2011
Information Systems Honours

What I gained from working on a Co-op project:Working with Knowledge Co-op was an extremely rewarding experience as I got to be involved with a department that aims to transform the lives of many communities. I was involved in a project that built a prototype system for a real-world problem, i.e. to help Epilepsy South Africa with the management of their information and data. I not only got the opportunity to harness my skills in a project that could help an organisation, but I was also able to learn more about epilepsy itself. My biggest lesson was that every humanbeing has the ability to change the life of another person with whatever gift they have.

Teresa Perez, 2011

Sociology Masters & Volunteer with the UCT Knowledge Co-op

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: I gained unique insights into the workings of project management at a time when the Co-opwas being established, which means that I have been able to play a small part in developing an initiative fromits beginnings, which is rare. Since working here I have developed numerous transferable skills, such as I.T andcommunication. There was scope to find my own solutions to the tasks that I have been given, includingconducting my own research. My inclusion in collaborations with the project manager and other specialists has been exceptional. Overall, the experience has been invaluable.

It is difficult to strike up relationships with people in community groups, and the UCT Knowledge Co-op has made this infinitely easier. From setting up initial meetings with the community group thatI chose from the list on the Available projects page, through to providing additional support throughout mythesis, the Co-op has been fantastic. My experiences in the community group offered an important alternativeperspective on theories in my courses.

Konke Mazwai, 2011
BSc. Eng (Mechanical Engineering)

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: I worked with U.C.T. knowledge Co-op because of the type of project that was available.Designing a low cost Fencing material for a Pre-School in a low income area not only allowed me to give ahelping hand in a low income society, but it also fulfilled the requirements for my Final Year IndividualResearch Project.

As an Engineering student, working in a low income community exposed me to fundamentalSocio-economic issues that were verydetached from Engineering. The crime rate, drug abuse and poverty in the community, all had to be factored in toprovide an Engineering solution.

Suvi Hakala, 2011

Honours in Psychology

What I gained from working on a Co-op project: Working with the UCT Knowledge Co-op was an inspiring experience. Thanks to the Co-op, Iwas able to participate in research that works with real people, and real problems in the community, and maybeeven make a difference'. The project was definitely a learning curve, but gave me some truly unforgettablememories of humanity and resilience. The staff of the Co-op created the necessary links between students and thecooperating NGOs, and without them the researchwould not have been possible.

Kara Silberthau, 2011 BA (Urban Studies, Health & Societies)


What I gained from working on a Co-op project: As a student (from University of Pennsylvania) who enjoys observing and learning from mysurroundings, I am also enthusiastic about taking a hands on approach to learn more about my surroundings, whichI did during the Tile Mural Project. The AthloneTile Mural Project began when I met with the Knowledge Co op and discussed creating a mural as an empoweringcommunity building project. The Knowledge Co op identified and introduced me to a community leader who was eagerto participate and facilitate the mural with the youth population. The project was the culminating effort togive back to Cape Town, the city I learned to call home, as well as the beginning of a new friendship. See