The benefits of research data publishing are numerous: reproducible science, proper assessment of scientific results, and a way for researchers to get proper acknowledgement and credit for sharing their data. However, several challenges need to be resolved to fully realise the potential of these benefits, such as the development of a global standard for links between research data and literature.

This workshop, presented by Alessia Bardi of the Networked Multimedia Information Systems (NeMIS) Laboratory, CNR, Italy, was hosted as part of the Research Data Integration Project (RDIP), coordinated by UCT eResearch.  The RDIP is mandated to investigate and apply standardisation and automation of the research workflow to reduce “data friction” in a fragmented research data infrastructure landscape.

The workshop covered the following:

  • Overview of existing scholarly communication services
  • Scholix framework (model, API, hands-on session)
  • Completion of metadata records on OpenUCT and Converis (CRIS system) with information available in OpenAIRE (overview, API, hands-on session)




Download the slides here: