1. Items may not be removed from the Library unless issued by Library Staff.
  2. Users are fully responsible for all items taken out in their name and may not lend borrowed items to others.
  3. The Library reserves the right to shorten the normal loan period and to recall Library items before the due date if the items are requested or urgently required by other users.
  4. Lost or damaged items are subject to a full replacement fee, a handling charge per item and any outstanding fine on the item.
  5. Fines are charged on overdue items. Current information is displayed at the Library enquiry desk.
  6. Users must produce their UCT staff/student card in order to access the Library and to borrow items. 
  7. Items for loan may not be removed from the Cape Town area.
  8. Unacceptable behaviour is not permitted in the Library.
  9. Anyone who fails to return overdue items or otherwise infringes the Library rules, may have their borrowing privelges or membership suspended.
  10. Note: Before you may qualify to graduate you need to ensure that you have returned all outstanding Library items and have no outstanding Library fines