How to access the Eighty20 Data Portal

Go to the Eighty20 website -

Please, use only the Google Chrome browser

Register on a workday between 9am and 5pm

Step 1: Click on Free Trial

Step 2: Fill in your name and surname

Step 3: Use your UCT email address only ( - do not share with anyone else

Step 4: In the "Notes" field, type UCT and the year you will graduate

Step 5: The Password is 1234

  • You will have access within 24 hours
  • Use the "Help" guide for assistance
  • If you cannot get access, email
  • Please use Eighty20 responsibly and ethically.  You are accountable for the use of the data

When you return to the GSB at the beginning of a new year, and try to login it, Eighty20 will tell you your access has expired. Email to alert them that you are a returning student and wait for them to reactivate your login

Eighty20's XtracT is the easiest way to access consumer information databases in South Africa: demographics psychographics products media etc.

XtracT provides access to a wide range of survey databases many of which track key trends over several years (e.g. AMPS Finscope some Stats SA databases 


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