"Teaching cases form a crucial part of the GSB’s academic activities in common with many other business schools around the world. Unlike many other business schools, however, the GSB makes use of its own cases, which are expertly crafted by the Case Writing Centre in combination with our faculty. The GSB’s cases capture the challenges and experiences of operating in emerging countries and therefore epitomise the intersection between theory and practise."

Professor Sean Gossel

GSB Research Director

"I believe cases are vitally important to translate the reality of business in a practical and relatable manner for students. This is especially relevant in Africa, as students need to get to grips with Africa’s infrastructure gaps, high transactional costs, lack of skilled labour, the nature of the informal economy and varying political landscapes. This is where cases can play a meaningful role. Cases represent an ideal structure to merge credible literature, practical realities and local nuances to create an unrivalled learning experience."

Rashay Makan

Managing Director, Carrick-Wealth South Africa
MBA Modular Class of 2021/2022