UCT Parasports

The UCT ParaSports Club is a relatively new and incredibly dynamic club aiming to provide sporting opportunities for persons with disabilities at the University of Cape Town, and the Western Cape as a whole. Our current offered sports are goalball, wheelchair rugby, and para-athletics, but we continually hope to expand our operations into other sporting codes. 

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South Africa Wheelchair Rugby

League Structure


SA WCR 2024 League Hosting Format

  • The 2024 SA WCR League to be a five (5) tournament structure.
  • The venue for four of the events will be LC de Villiers Pretoria.
  • Mandeville Indoor will be the venue for a fifth event.
  • Tournament Dates:
    • LC De Villiers 9/10th March 2024.
    • LC De Villiers 25/26th May 2024.
    • LC De Villiers 6/7th July 2024.
    • Mandeville 27/29th September 2024.
    • LC De Villiers 12/13th October 2024.

SA WCR 2024 League Structure

  • Each event to host both Paralympic and Wheelchair Rugby 5s structures at the same league event.
  • League events hosted over two (2) days
  • Both Paralympic WCR and Wheelchair Rugby 5s on the same day, pending two courts and official availability.
  • SA WCR League Final weekend applicable, 12/13th October 2024 at LC de Villiers.


  • Club Teams to decide what tournament they want to enter.
  • All clubs are to provide SA WCR with two new game officials as part of their tournament entry.
  • Clubs to have the option of entering both or only one of the formats.
  • Final entries 3 Weeks prior to event.
  • No late entries.















  • No points to be deducted for non-attendance of a tournament.

Weekend Tournament Structure

  • Less than six (6) teams enter a round – Round-Robin Style
  • Six (6) teams or more enter a round - Two (2) pools are drawn (out of a hat) and those pools play round-robin style.

Final Tournament / Weekend

  • Top four (4) teams in league as at the end of round four (4) play for Final cup (1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3, winners of these games then play in a final)
  • Teams outside the top four (4) positions play for the Plate trophy on the same weekend (round robin style)

Tournament Entry

  • All teams to submit final entry three (3) weeks prior to a tournament
  • Classification requests need to be received three (3) weeks prior to tournament
  • Teams failing to notify SA WCR of their intention to enter (attending or not) will result in the team receiving a penalty of R 500.00 (To be deducted from SA WCR team funding)
  • Late entries will be accepted and considered up to one (1) calendar week (7 days) prior to the start of a tournament, a R 1,500.00 penalty will be imposed on late entries. (To be deducted from SA WCR team funding)
    • Athletes from teams with late entries will not be considered for classification at that tournament

Team Funding

SA WCR reserves the right to adjust the amounts proposed should funds not be available or be restricted.

  • Teams traveling from the Cape Town / East London area R 20,000.00 per tournament
  • Regions more than 397 Kilometers away from tournament venue R 12,000.00 per tournament
  • Local clubs funding up to R 5,000.00 per tournament
  • Development athlete subsidy:
    • Development Athlete of colour R 600.00 per athlete
      • Qualifying Criteria
        • Athlete has never played WCR before, 1st season
        • Athlete to play one full quarter per team scheduled games at tournament
        • Athlete deemed eligible to play (Classified)
    • Development Athlete R 300.00
      • Qualifying Criteria
        • Athlete has never played WCR before, 1st season
        • Athlete to play one full quarter per team scheduled games at tournament
        • Athlete deemed eligible to play (Classified)
    • Female Athlete R 500.00 per tournament.
      • Qualifying Criteria
        • Athlete to play one full quarter per team scheduled games at tournament
        • Athlete deemed eligible to play (Classified)
  • SA WCR team funding payable on invoice only.
  • All teams must have a coach to qualify for funding (no player coach allowed)
  • Funding payable within 30 days after event, earlier payment at the discretion of SA WCR.

Referees & Officials

  • Only SA WCR registered referees & officials will be accepted.
  • All referees & officials are to be directly affiliated with SA WCR.
  • All referees & officials to be subjected to testing protocols, as per SA WCR referee grading system.
  • Refereeing & officiating meetings / clinics to happen on every weekend.
  • Clubs will be awarded an additional R 3,000.00 for referees & officials residing in their club area, and officials will need to attend 75% or more of SA WCR league events.
    • Amount to be paid at the end of the season final weekend.
  • All referees and officials costs (travel, accommodation & food) will be covered by SA WCR for the tournament.
  • Referees & officials may not double up as helpers, trainers, coaches, etc. for any team or person at the tournaments.

SA WCR League Game Rules

  • WWR Paralympic and 5s rules are applicable.


  • SA WCR will endeavor to ensure that classification will take place at all league tournaments, subject to classifiers been available.
  • Players need to be classified to be eligible to play.
  • National level of classification will follow the IWRF classification process.
  • All teams should notify the head of SA WCR classification on the athletes that will be competing in the tournament.
  • Athletes to be checked to SA classification database and classification list compiled.
  • If there is a new athlete, change in an athlete’s medical condition or an athlete that needs his / her second or third national classification the chairman / manager / coach / captain of a team should contact head of classification via email.
  • Chief classifier of each classification event will follow the Procedure for tournament classification schedule compiled by the IWRF in February 2016.
  • If an athlete has priority for classification, time and date for classification will be organised by the chief classifier for that event.
  • If there are questions regarding the player’s class, a protest can be submitted (See IWRF classification manual for further detail). R 50.00 protest fee to accompany the protest form.
  • If an athlete is classified three (3) times on a national level they will receive a permanent national class and need no future classification on a national level. If any medical changes occur with the athlete it is the athlete’s responsibility to inform head of classification through his / her chairman.
  • No athlete can play without being classified by a classification panel.


13 April (Worcester)
Athlone, HWA, IfB and Maties


Term 1:

Schools:  01/17 — 03/20

UCT:  02/12 — 03/22

US:  02/12 — 03/28

Term 2:

Schools:  04/03 — 06/14

UCT:  04/02 — 05/15

US:  04/08 – 05/17

Term 3:

Schools:  07/09 — 09/20

UCT:  07/22 — 08/30

US:  07/22 – 09/06

Term 4:

Schools:  10/01 — 12/11

UCT:  09/09 — 10/22

US:  09/16 – 10/25