Survivor Support


Survivor Support


Survivor Support


Survivors of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and all forms of discrimination and marginalisation can access immediate support through the Survivor Support portfolio.

This provides 24-hour emergency assistance for rape and sexual assault survivors and support, advice and assistance for both complainants and respondents from the time of reporting through to case completion.

Advice and support is also provided with respect to domestic violence, no contact applications, court preparation and trials. Mediation services are available on request by staff and students. Assistance and support in student tribunals and disciplinary hearings is also offered.

24-Hour Sexual Assault Emergency Response

If you have been raped or sexually assaulted call 072 393 7824 for help with your immediate needs.

This includes:

  • immediate trauma support and advice
  • referral to Victoria Hospital Forensic Unit for medical care, trauma counselling and an optional forensic examination.

Report rape, sexual assault and/or discrimination online

The OIC has developed an electronic platform for complainants to report rape, sexual assault and/or discrimination incidents on behalf of themselves or others. This is an additional medium and complainants are still able to access the OIC by visiting our offices to receive individual support and/or referral information.

As a complainant you may elect to report the incident with full disclosure or remain anonymous. All information entered into the reporting tool is treated as confidential and is only shared with selected members of the OIC , Legal Office and the Human Resources department to process the incident further. We will not share your information with other parties unless legally compelled to do so.

If you submit a request disclosing your personal information we may contact you and invite you to visit the OIC offices to provide further support or assistance as required.

If you have opted to submit an incident anonymously we will assess the incident, initiate an investigation if there is sufficient information and respond as best we can.

Once you have submitted your report you will be presented with a reference number which you can use in future to determine the status of your incident.

Useful information

UCT policies on sexual harassment, sexual offences, sexual orientation, racism and racial harassment, disability, HIV infection and Aids, and mediation can be found on the UCT policies web page.

We say ENOUGH! Empower yourself with the knowledge on how to support a Survivor of sexual violence by downloading the Ally Guide here