The Unit has made available for easy access, several relevant resources that UCT staff may need to consult as follows:

  • The Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework is the qualifications framework for higher education and facilitates the development of a single national co-ordinated higher education system. All qualifications are aligned, or are currently undergoing alignment to this Framework
  • The Classification of Educational Subject Matter (CESM) booklet:  as all higher education institutions are required to classify the subject matter embedded in their fields of study and courses in standard ways, for reporting purposes, this document may be consulted for the relevant CESM codes.
  • The NQF level descriptors set generic standards at the NQF levels. Descriptions of the descriptors from NQF 5 – 10 are available for reference.
  • A new programme is a new specialisation that is introduced into a qualification that UCT is already accredited to offer, or a new qualification that will require external accreditation and registration on the NQF. This form is therefore to be completed.
  • The template to be used in support of a new stream in a qualification, where the change to the qualification affects less than 50% of its purpose and outcomes.
  • The template to be used in support of a new qualification, or a change to an existing qualification that will affect 50% or more of its purpose and outcomes.
  • The UCT Course Approval forms which apply are as follows:
  • Please note: all of the above forms are to be completed for submission to the relevant faculty accreditation committees, and will also need to be ratified by the Academic Planning and Development Committee, for progression to any external higher education bodies.  
  • The Committee deadlines for qualification and stream approval advises on deadlines for the required committee approval for new offerings.