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UCT Day is more than a celebration—it's a commitment. In 2023 we channelled our energies towards four pivotal areas of student support. These avenues reflect UCT’s heart and soul, acknowledging the myriad challenges our students face, while nurturing holistic growth. 

Funding Initiatives

This UCT Day, we are raising funds in support of UCT students. The funding focus areas reflect our dedication to fostering holistic growth and addressing critical issues that shape the lives of our students. We invite you to explore the FOUR impactful areas where your support can make an incredible difference:

Phd Grad

Unlocking Futures Bursaries

Each year, UCT has a list of students who have completed the full academic requirements but cannot receive their degree certificates. They have worked hard and deserve the bright future that a UCT qualification will give them.
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Student Wellness

Student Wellness Support

Mental and emotional well-being are paramount to success. At UCT, we are working hard to expand the raft of Student Wellness Service programmes that address our student’s current and emerging wellness needs.
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gender based violence protest

The Gender-Based Violence Programmes

The damaging emotional and psychological effect of Gender-Based Violence can negatively affect students’ lives in many ways, including their academic performance and the quality of their social interactions.
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Pledge your support today

If you live outside of South Africa and would like to claim tax relief for your donation, you can do so in the following countries: CanadaUSAUK, and Australia.


Your contribution, no matter the size, will leave an indelible mark on our students' lives, reinforcing the values and community spirit that UCT is renowned for. Partner with excellence.  Work with us to build a brighter, more inclusive UCT future.