We end UCT Day 2023 with an outdoor movie screening on the Green Mile hosted by Sunshine Cinema, a non-profit solar-powered media network, working through Southern Africa to  address youth unemployment. Sunshine Cinema equip young entrepreneurs with a Sunbox (mobile solar cinema kit) and the skills necessary to become media facilitators, earn an income and spark social change.

Sydelle Willow Smith is a storyteller and co-founder of Sunshine Cinema. She is a proud UCT alumna having obtained a Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) degree from UCT in 2011. She holds a Masters of social science in African studies from the University of Oxford and is a 2020 Senior Atlantic Fellow for Racial Equity with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Columbia University.

This is an impact screening event for the UCT community. The three films to be shown are:

  • ReDreaming: a gorgeous 5-minute experimental film that weaves together meditations on climate, human fragility and AI. Screened at the Durban International Film Festival
  • Water is Water: an award-winning 24-minute 2021 honours documentary film examining legacy of apartheid through POC relationships to public beaches. Premiered at the Encounters Documentary Film Festival
  • I Am This Water: a 24-minute short doc following the fight of Koi and San activists to protect their ancestral land against the development of an Amazon warehouse. Premiered at the Encounters Documentary Film Festival.

All UCT Day events are free of charge.  Instead, we urge you to make a voluntary donation, using the donate buttons on the Webtickets site. Tickets inclusive of free popcorn.

Proceeds from your donations will be applied to 1 of the 4 UCT Day Student Support initiatives.

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