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13 Jul 2018
13 Jul 2018

You are invited to attend an interactive colloquium focused on research in the area of Digital Humanities led by Menno van Zaanen. 

A wide range of benefits emerge when combining computational and humanities backgrounds. However, to reach the full benefits of such collaborations, the boundaries between both fields will need to be crossed.

During the colloquium, we will present and discuss several practical examples where computational and humanities fields are successfully combined. The focus will be on the problems, solutions, and effects of these collaborations.

Additionally, the colloquium will provide the opportunity to reflect on interdisciplinary collaboration and what it may entail within the context of the Humanities and Computational fields

Menno van Zaanen is an assistant professor at the Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence at the School of Humanities and Digital Sciences of Tilburg University, The Netherlands. He has an MSc in computer science (Vrije University, Amsterdam), an MA in computational linguistics (University of Amsterdam) and a PhD in computational linguistics/computer science (Leeds University). He teaches courses in the fields of communication and information sciences, data science, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence. His research interests often cross the borders of research fields, such as natural language learning, educational data mining, grammatical inference, and computational musicology.

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