Preparing the next generation for the big-data challenge

19 Feb 2018
19 Feb 2018

Demand for skills at the interface between technology and information is growing and demand already far exceeds supply. This is particularly the case in Africa. To respond to demand, UCT launched two new postgraduate programmes to foster a generation equipped with the skills to meet this need.

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Master’s in digital curation

UCT is the first university in Africa to provide a master’s-level course in digital curation: that is, the selection, maintenance and archiving of digital data repositories. The course, offered by the Library and Information Studies Centre, provides its graduates with a comprehensive set of digital curation skills applicable to any sector.

The one-year coursework component of the programme allows for specialisation, following a core course on the principles, theory and philosophy of digital curation.

Find out more about the Master’s in digital curation here.

Master’s in data science

This interdisciplinary master’s degree aims to furnish graduates with the statistical and computing skills needed to deal with big data from the fields of astronomy, physics, medicine and commerce.

The programme is composed of two equally weighted components: coursework and a dissertation on a research topic related to data science in astronomy, bioinformatics, computer science, physics or statistical sciences. Students have the choice of two streams for the programme: a general stream and a stream specialising in financial technology.

Find out more about the Master’s in data science here.

Work-integrated learning programme

Students in the two programmes will have the opportunity to be placed with projects supported by Ilifu, a consortium of Western Cape institutions, including UCT, that together are establishing and operating a data-centric, high-performance computing facility for data-intensive research. The students will work with data managers to implement research data management policies and services.