"You have made a huge impact by offering this course to our early career staff and we hope that our staff members will attend more of these training development courses. Thank you so much." - university research manager


"The training was indeed a valuable opportunity for our early career academics; for that I would like to thank you very much. I think our academic colleagues benefitted tremendously and that important new networks were formed." - university capacity development manager


"It is clear that the training was of a high standard and that attendees gained much during the course." - university senior research manager


 "I am extremely appreciative of your having put in the considerable time and effort in developing the new material for the customised course. A huge thank you to your team for your sterling efforts.”  - university research manager


 “Presenters are well-versed, knowledgeable and have pleasant dispositions. The course met my expectations. I feel equipped to start my supervision journey." - delegate


"The course was packed with insightful discussions. I learnt from the facilitators and my colleagues." - delegate


"The highlights of the workshop were the presentations and layout of the seminar structure. All aspects covered made great knowledge and skills development for my future practices as a supervisor." - delegate


"The course showed that one is not alone in these supervisory challenges and gave opportunities to learn how to solve them better. Forums provided a platform for generous sharing." - delegate