The Travel Booking System offers many advantages, including:

  • significant reduction in transaction fees
  • wider booking choices:
    • ease of use, being Internet based
    • visibility of all price options, including low cost carriers and corporate flexible fares
  • a single booking process for flight, accommodation (including B&Bs), car rental and airport shuttle
  • streamlined payments via PCard to avoid the complexity of SAP purchase orders
  • loyalty benefits – these can still be attributed to the individual traveller, eg, voyager miles
  • the replacement of costly and time-consuming staff reimbursements.


Payment for all travel bookings is by means of a PCard. A designated travel booker in a department can book on behalf of all travellers. This includes UCT staff who have PCards, those without PCards, students and visitors.


All travel bookers must therefore have their own PCards. If a traveller has their own PCard, they may do their own booking.