Postdoctoral research fellows (PDRFs) are, in many cases, aspirant academics funded via a diverse number of research funding vehicles such that their primary engagement and focus is on full-time research. Worldwide the PDRF cohort is acknowledged as a key component of the research ecosystem that contributes strongly to research outputs. Development and funding support for UCT PDRFs serves to build the capacity of the University’s future early-career and established academics, while also providing training in teaching and supervision.

PDRFs are normally awarded to individuals within 5 years of having achieved a doctoral degree. PDRFs are individuals who undertake research and gain professional experience for a future academic career, under the supervision and mentorship of a principal investigator.

Fellowships are negotiable up to 2 years after which extension of tenure may be considered for up to a maximum of five years. A sixth year of registration cannot be considered. The purpose of the PDRF is to provide an opportunity for experiential learning in research, which may serve as a path for further academic and professional development.

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