Management Information

A comprehensive management information system (MIS), based on the statutory HEMIS reports to the Department of Education and including extended data items, is currently under development.

*Reports are available here.

Faculties report

The Faculties Report is an annual statistical publication. The rationale of the report is to provide an overview of university-wide, demographic and qualification type trends in student enrolment and academic performance, as well as shifts in staffing and research. The report provides data for year-on-year comparisons for each of the six faculties and the Graduate School of Business.

*Reports are available here.

Annual admissions review

The annual Admissions Review report comprises an analysis of a survey of new students, applications received, academic offers made and actual enrolments achieved during the most recent admissions cycle. The Admissions Survey component of the report investigates new undergraduate students’ reasons for choosing the University of Cape Town and their experience of the applications process.

*Reports are available here.

Internal reporting: First Destinations Report

The First Destinations Project examines the post-graduation activities and intentions of each group of graduates in order to assess recent graduates’ impressions of the usefulness and applicability of their studies, coupled with information on how and where recent graduates either found employment or chose to continue their studies.
The First Destinations Report presents the findings of the graduate exit surveys conducted at each June and December graduation. The main report provides detailed data, disaggregated by qualification type and Faculty, relating to graduates’ first destinations, satisfaction with their studies and career development whilst at UCT. Please note this project was taken over by the Careers Office in 2013.

*Reports are available here. More information can be found on the Careers Service website.

Internal reporting: Teaching & Learning Report

This annual report examines, by Faculty, the overall teaching and learning environment in terms of student enrolments and outcomes, academic staffing and the outcomes of Quality Assurance reviews compiled during the most recent academic year. Much of the report takes the form of exception reporting whereby specific Faculty performance is ranked in relation to a number of key indicators, and is compared and contrasted with overall institutional performance.

*Reports are available here.

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