Report on Master's and Doctoral Cohorts

The report tracks the academic performance of first time entering Masters’ and Doctoral students in the six faculties and GSB. The analysis is by population group and gender and is updated annually.

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No Show Survey Report

The purpose of this survey is to investigate the current activities of applicants who did not accept an offer from UCT, their main reasons for not registering at UCT, what could have been done to secure their ultimate registration as well as their intentions to study in the future at UCT.

No show survey report 2010
No show survey report 2012
No show survey report 2013
No show survey report 2014

Interrupted Learners Survey Report

The information in this survey was gathered in an effort to better understand the reasons why students leave the university before completing their course of study both from the perspective on the impact of throughput and the students’ experience of UCT.

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UG Survey Report

The main aim of this survey is to understand the importance of various factors influencing new undergraduates to apply and register at UCT. The survey records the experiences of new undergraduates with UCT’s application, orientation and enrolment processes as well as their adjustment to UCT life and their immediate parental home circumstances.

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Doctoral Survey Report

The report analyses the experiences and perceptions of Doctoral students studying at UCT. Specific areas of interest in the questionnaire dealt with supervision, professional development and scholarly interaction.

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