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June Grad 2016
The atmosphere was festive as UCT graduated 3 911 students over five days during June 2016. View the gallery...
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    • DVC Prof Sandra Klopper invites the UCT community to participate in this year’s Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC2016). Read the email...


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Monday, 27 June 2016
Rising stars choose to work in Africa

Young, Gifted and Back

Young, gifted academics are returning from their studies abroad and are using their experience to bolster the learning experience in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

UCT residences launch #KnowYourNeighbour campaign

UCT residences launch KnowYourNeighbour campaign

Last term, the UCT SRC and Residence Council launched the #KnowYourNeighbour campaign at Liesbeeck Gardens residence to build relations between students in residences.

UCT bids farewell to outgoing Council

UCT bids farewell to outgoing Council

UCT bids farewell to outgoing Council members at the end of a four-year term.

Cancer care meets big data: SA’s latest treatment breakthrough

Cancer care meets big data: SA's latest treatment breakthrough

Two South African chemists have made a breakthrough in cancer research that paves the way for early diagnosis and specialised treatment based on each cancer’s unique genetic expression pattern.

Inaugural MPhil graduates have key role to play in shaping Africa’s future

Inaugural MPhil graduates

The UCT Graduate School of Development Policy and Practice celebrated the graduation of its first seven MPhil graduates in June.

Disagreement can become an act of love and reconciliation

Go out; make a difference

Dean of the Faculty of Law, Penelope Andrews, writes that many people find the very idea of disagreement, and of disagreeing with another human being face to face, terrifying. They arrange their personal and professional lives to avoid disagreements of any kind.

Gang violence exposes truth about lost generation

Gang violence exposes truth about lost generation

‘Beautiful’ Cape Town is also one of the world's deadliest cities, writes Kevin Ritchie.

How the antics of cookie-cutter sharks sharpen our knowledge of migratory whales

Go out; make a difference

Examining the habits of cookie-cutter sharks – that sink their teeth into whales and other large marine animals, making crater-like wounds – has provided fascinating insights into the migration patterns of some of the world’s largest mammals.

The sex life of Earth’s biggest bird

Earth's biggest bird

A leading palaeobiologist at UCT helps unravel the biology of giant extinct birds five times the size of an ostrich but with the breeding behaviour of a goose.


Latest Newsbyte

Click to visit the latest Byte-size newsUCT Chancellor graces Unilever panel

UCT’s Chancellor Graça Machel and marketing guru, Emeritus Professor John Simpson, shared their insights on sustainable business with a panel of top executives on 21 June 2016.

The discussion, held at The Forum in Bryanston, was titled ‘Collective Action for a Sustainable Future Together’ and was jointly hosted by Unilever and the UCT Unilever Institute. The panel highlighted the importance of research in driving decision-making.

Machel and Simpson were joined on the panel by Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, and Herve Ludovic de Lys, UNICEF South Africa Country Director.

“It was an honour to have UCT represented at this high level and John had a loud round of applause after he spoke,” reported James Lappeman, who teaches marketing alongside Simpson at UCT.

Story Yusuf Omar. Photo supplied.

Caption: Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever; Graça Machel, Chancellor of UCT; Herve Ludovic de Lys, country director of UNICEF South Africa; Emeritus Professor John Simpson, UCT

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